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Secura-lets electrical outlet shims and spacers fix loose receptacles and wiring devices. Patented, non-metallic, spacers snap-together quickly and easily to fill gaps and set-back problems to eliminate cracked faceplates and sloppy outlets. Durable, U. L. recognized material brings devices flush with surface while providing substantial support. Secura-lets spacers are the best!

* Prevents sloppy outlets and switches
* Prevents broken faceplates
* Prevents arcing due to unwanted movement
* Provides substantial support of devices to the wall box
* Saves Time and Money
* Easy to use and very economical
* Gives a Professional look to your projects
* Works well with "GFI" and "DECORATOR" devices
* Works with most major brands of devices

U.S. Patent No. 5,921,737 - Free Patents Online

Simply Snap-Together Proper Thickness and Slide Over Device Screws !

With device screws passing completely through the spacers, the spacers cannot fall off and are less likely to work loose.

It's the best way !

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